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Creating great experiences for our people and great outcomes
for our clients; that’s the ippon australia way!

A personalised experience

A personalised experience

We’re a smaller technology consultancy, and we’re proud of it!

Our scale allows us to curate a personalised experience for our people that is aligned with their goals. We value every member of the team and actively seek their contribution on engagements as well as to the business. After all, creating a great place to work is everyone’s responsibility.

Many companies claim that their people are their business but at Ippon we live it!

WORK (& play) as a team

The type of people that work at Ippon get more when they work with other people from Ippon; it’s a team game. This means working on innovative, team-based projects using modern technologies, concepts and methodologies. We srtrive to deliver quality, value and impact in line with professional development.

Work should be fun, so we are always looking for engagements that deliver upon this goal. It’s also important to develop bonds outside of the context of work so we run fun community events like “The Great Dev Challenge” as well as team get togethers as wild as axe throwing, go-carting or just heading out for dinner.

WORK & play as a team
A continuous improvement journey

A continuous improvement journey

You will join a team of experts and learners who love to collaborate and co-construct! At Ippon, you can choose your own adventure and we’re here to support and help make it a reality.

Instead of arbitrary training allowances, we proactively work with you to help shape the direction in which you want to head and then determine the funding, expertise and time needed from the business.

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