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Experience Design and Product

Designing for humans and delivering for growth.

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Software Engineering and Cloud

Solid technical foundations to allow your business to innovate, accelerate and scale.

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Articles date04/13/2023

Baby Boomers and UI/UX

When it comes to designing UX and UI, Baby Boomers have usually taken a back seat, with people assuming they aren’t tech savvy enough to bother with. That trend has been changing but it was really accelerated by the Pandemic. In this article we will look at the evidence of that change to see that perhaps Baby Boomers have a role to play in UX and UI design after all.

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Articles date04/13/2023

Hardening Kubernetes and What That Entails With Entando

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating containerized applications’ deployment, scaling, and management. In recent years Kubernetes has gained immense popularity, likely due to its declarative nature. With Kubernetes, most infrastructure details are abstracted away from the user, which makes for an “agile-ready” environment. However, securing applications in this environment can be challenging because of this abstraction and Kubernetes’ underlying architecture. This security landscape is not the same one that enterprise companies are used to, let alone small to medium-sized businesses and startups.

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Articles date04/13/2023

What Makes Entando a Highly Available Architecture?

High availability within the software world means a user can employ a technology to do a piece of work when needed. For software to be highly available, it needs to be Scalable, Resilient, Reliable, and Durable. To understand what makes an Application Composition Platform like Entando a Highly Available Architecture, we must understand what makes Kubernetes highly available.

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Capture Data
Articles date04/13/2023

Feeling Safe with SAFe

Building an environment of psychological safety — the belief that no one will be punished for speaking up with ideas, questions, mistakes, and other callouts — within an agile team is slow but rewarding. This is especially true when building up a team’s safety when landing onsite in an unknown virtual work setting with team members who have never worked together. At Ippon, we strive to create a psychologically safe environment for engineers so that we can maximize a team’s ability to deliver quality applications.

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